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Ashley Farag

Tel: 323-822-5431

Over the years I have worked in various sports bars, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs, from Arizona to California. I have experience opening several venues and with this experience have developed a great understanding of the skill sets to exceed in Hospitality. I have found that leaders must have people skills and their ability to listen must be equally profound. Innovation is a necessity for this fast paced growing world and thus have a desire to find these creative individuals. Organizations and individuals need change for progress/growth/development. I ask questions to find out the why behind the behavior. I am determined to learn about everything I do not know as well as to fulfill our human basic need to understand.

As a leader in my past experiences I have managed, controlled, informed, supported, planned, and evaluated regularly. My focus is developing the right people we hire and ensuring their success by giving them a program to follow which will incorporate a rigorous training and on-going evaluations. I have always been available to all my employees, new and tenured, and have a strong open door policy. I believe in honesty and self-sacrifice. In return, you will reap the benefits no matter how risky those moments may seem.

I enjoy spending free time with my family, reading, having a glass of wine or two at dinner, I love to cook and most of all I love learning something new. I am currently completing my degree in Organizational Leadership at Arizona State University to gain the tools I need to become of the CEO of my own company. I love a flexible work environment that allows you to share your creativity and management is transparent. I believe in always doing the right thing and staying true to who you are.

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We would love to hear from you.

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