Below Are Some Of The Most Commonly Asked Questions About The Gecko Hospitality Franchise Opportunity:

Q: Do I Select My Own Gecko Hospitality Location?
A: This decision is yours, but upon request Gecko Development Corporation (GDC) will provide you with assistance in site selection. Look for sites that are located in an already developed commercial area or office complex. You will need to obtain final approval on all sites from Gecko Development Corporation.

Q: What Assistance And Continued Support Do I Receive?
A: Beginning with a comprehensive training program, site assistance, sales and marketing tools, pre- and post-grand opening through day-to-day operations including centralized billing/collections, Gecko Hospitality is with you every step of the way. You will receive a confidential Gecko Hospitality Operations Manual and our helpful management staff will communicate with you on an ongoing basis and is available to you for consultation and assistance.

Q: Do I Receive Any Back Office Assistance Help To Operate My Franchise?
A: Absolutely. Gecko Hospitality provides all of the back office functionality to ensure you can concentrate on your candidates and Clientele. Back office support such as invoicing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, marketing, advertising and website assistance are just a few of the areas of support you'll receive from our corporate office staff.

Q: Do I Need A Large Staff To Operate My Franchise?
A: Not at all. While additional people can help reduce your workload, many Franchisees have started on their own. With today's virtual offices, one can maintain contact with Clients and candidates, prospect, and perform necessary paperwork via e-mail, phone, and USPS. As your business grows, you can staff it accordingly.

Q: Who Are My Customers?
A: All restaurants and hotels in your territory are potential Clients and anyone looking for a managerial position in the food service or hospitality industry is your potential candidate. Your job is to match qualified candidates with the open positions your Clients hire you to fill. In addition, GDC has developed relationships with dozens of major companies such as TGI Friday's, Marriott and Brinker International, which will assist you in gaining access to their establishments in your territory.

Q: Is Prior Experience Or Knowledge Required?
A: Yes. We are specifically looking for people with hospitality management or hospitality recruiting experience, as this background will provide you with both knowledge and contacts in the industry. We will also provide a comprehensive training program to give you what you need to get your business up and running.

Q: How Soon Can I Open My Gecko Hospitality Franchise?
A: Once the Franchise Agreement has been signed, and your site has been selected and approved, your new business can be operational in as few as 60-90 days.

Q: What Is The Investment Range For A Gecko Hospitality Office?
A: $64,770-$93,670 Includes Franchise Fee, initial inventory and supplies, equipment, furnishings, advertising, recommended working capital and the training program. Excludes office lease.

Q: What Types Of Marketing And Advertising Will Be Provided?
A: Gecko Hospitality will assist you in growing your business through the strategic and tactical implementations of Gecko Hospitality branding and marketing. You will be provided with our Operations Manual, which will assist you in positioning your office in your selected city. All corporate and franchised offices participate and share the expense in several advertising programs and campaigns, which you have access to from day one. Because these advertising expenses are shared, all offices can participate in numerous programs to attract the right management candidates for their Clients.

Q: What Other Fees Can I Expect To Pay?
A: Gecko Hospitality is a royalty-based franchise. Additionally, as mentioned above, Gecko Hospitality offers several marketing and advertising programs, some of which require participation fees to cover materials and expenses.

For additional franchise information, please contact Robert Krzak at 239-690-7006 ext.100 or by email at robert@geckohospitality.com.

Any Questions?

We would love to hear from you.

We would love to hear from you.

If you have any questions or would like to start an informal discussion about how we can help you, please call our friendly team. To find your nearest Gecko hospitality office, please go to our contact page by clicking here and selecting your Country and State.

Gecko Hospitality has worked with us at Yard House for 5 years. In that time we have used them in all of our markets. Scott Butts and Darrell Reidinger have participated at a very high level in what have proven to be 2 very high turnover areas in Kansas and Arizona. Both have shown great ability in understanding the type of candidate we look for and their candidates are always prepared for our process. They have also shown great flexibility and determination in finding "diamonds in the rough". Its their performance on that level that gives us confidence in using Gecko wherever we may need Managers.

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