Key Administrative Skills for Hospitality Managers

Restaurant Boss Administrative Skills

Business Owners in the hospitality sector have a casual approach when it comes to the administrative side of their businesses. They fail to recognize the level of importance associated with all the paperwork required. It's best to focus more on your administrative activity and streamline Human Resource processes by addressing a few management issues. As a result, this saves your business time and money when properly done.


One of the top responsibilities of management is to ensure employee contracts are up to date, to avoid legal implications. Seventy-five percent of business owners in the hospitality industry do not have employee agreements or established policies and procedures relating to employment, putting them at great legal risk. It is imperative to ensure that existing and any potential new employees have employee contracts that are legally compliant. Clauses in the contracts should cover details like a clear job description, hours of work, salary, benefits, and company policies. It is also wise to verify staff awards to ensure that expectations and salaries meet industry-related standards.

Safety Policies:

An important part of administrative duty is to make sure Work Health and Safety policies are current and the expectations are executed in a way that complies with legal requirements. Some of your responsibilities are to make sure employees are physically safe, as well as looking after their mental health. Inspect your working environment and make a note of any weaknesses that could contribute to something going wrong. Try and take preventative measures to remove any threatening situation, or to reduce any health and safety risks that are specific to your type of business.

Social Media:

A key area to focus on is your social media policy. The appearance and functionality of social media platforms are constantly evolving. Keep an eye on any updates and making any necessary changes to your policy. The expectations for the use of social media and the internet in general needs to be clearly understood so that employees do not engage in activities that are improper when using company resources. Many managers may allow workers to go online, as long as they are mindful of their actions towards to the company.

Stay In Touch:

To stay in touch in the hospitality sector keep in touch with what happens. Legal actions could take place if any amendments to the industry regulations and requirements are missed. This increases your legal risk if the situation becomes a court case. The way to solve the problem is to have a Human Resource Management system that provides automatic alerts when changes in hospitality legislation are introduced, as well as giving information about any updates or specific requirements that apply to employee contracts.

Administrative System:

By operating an up-to-date Human Resource system you can save over 10 hours on time usually spent on administrative tasks.  Legal clauses should be current and even generate administration documents that can vary from employment contracts to job descriptions, workplace policies, management issues, and performance appraisals. In addition, this can help to clarify any statements regarding the rights of employees.