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"People who produce good results feel good about themselves"
Jim Koehler
Minnesota, Ohio (Northern), Pennsylvania (Western)
Tel: 215-825-5600

Jim Koehler is a proud Gecko Hospitality Recruiter for Minnesota, Northern Ohio, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Jim has had a versatile career in hospitality, gaining operations experience as a Restaurant Manager, General Manager, and District Manager for JoJo's & Coco's Restaurants for 20 years. Jim was offered the opportunity to transition from Operations to the HR Field and performed as a Human Resources Manager for Chi Chis Restaurants, a sister Company of the Prandium Inc. parent organization, serving in that function for 9 years. Jim progressed to accept a stint as an Employee Relations Director for Ditan Inc., a national distribution company, however, he yearned to return to the Hospitality Industry and was fortunate to join former colleagues in the restaurant HR World having accepted a position as a Field Management Recruiter at TGI Fridays Restaurants, serving in that role for 6+ years.

Coupled with his enriched hospitality background, Jim has always possessed a strong work ethic and intense dedication, which has enhanced his sustained performance success. Throughout his career, Jim has consistently cultivated and developed respected professional relationships utilizing his proficient interpersonal communication skills. Jim is genuinely inspired to passionately add value to the personal and professional growth of others.

Jim has been married for 25 years to the love of his life, Tracy, and is the proud father of Wade, a Junior at IUPUI in Indianapolis, and Brock, a Sophomore at Purdue University. Jim is devoted to his Church Community, enjoys spending time with his family, and squeezes in an occasional round of golf.

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I began working with Gecko Hospitality in May of 2007, initially for our restaurants in Arkansas and Colorado with Franchise Partner Marty Tarabar. Over the last 7 years our relationship has expanded to the point that CRO now works with all the Gecko offices in states where we have company owned restaurants.

I've found the folks at Gecko to be very courteous, professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable. In the last five years CRO has hired more managers from Gecko Hospitality than from any other employment agency we use.

I would highly recommend Gecko Hospitality to any company looking for an outstanding nationwide agency to provide talented restaurant managers.

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