Here are a few tips to help restaurant manager’s work with career coaches and recruiters.

The core virtue of both is to help professionals assess their situations with honesty, empathy, compassion, and develop realistic expectations. On to the tips:

  1. The First Tip – Realistic Expectations

One of the biggest misconceptions is that someone will give you a job based on your resume and success in today’s world depends on marketing. If you cannot market yourself then you are dead weight. This is different than the sales pitch. Marketing creates a brand for yourself. It associates your name with a certain image.

Creating a brand takes time. You can’t leave it until you find yourself unemployed, or looking for a new job. Marketing needs to become a way of life. You need to learn your strengths and who you are competing with, and the needs and desires of your potential employer.

  1. Second Tip – Why Are Restaurant Managers Career Coaches

The competition is volatile in the hospitality industry, especially for managers. Everyone thinks they can do the job. Everyone thinks the job is easy. The biggest problem is that some of these people may be great at marketing themselves, taking jobs they are not ready for. This leaves the skilled managers struggling to find their next position.

It is also possible that you are in the wrong niche. Sometimes career stagnation doesn’t have anything to do with ability, passion, or dedication. Your frustration may come from the fact that you are in the wrong job. Maybe you are a general manager stuck in an assistant restaurant manager’s job or the kitchen manager.

  1.  Third Tip – Why Restaurant Managers Need a Recruitment Professional

We’ve met dozens of Candidates who couldn’t break the pattern of submitting resumes, even when nothing came from it. Recruiters help match resumes with jobs, saving time, cost, and ultimately frustration.

There are a variety of assessments online that can only go so far and most of these are created for the corporate world – not the hospitality industry.

  1. Fourth Tip – You are Holding Yourself Back

We’ve all heard the excuses:

One might say “I hate my job, but I don’t know anything else.” or “I don’t know what to do with my skills.”

“I feel trapped.” or “I need help deciding what I want to do.” or “I know what I want to do but I don’t know how to do it.”

This is just job anxiety and is something every recruiter encounters frequently. People are even losing faith in social media, LinkedIn, and association websites.

Take a bit of time to bring your life and work-life into balance. Assess your beliefs and reduce your limitations. But most important – be honest and truthful.

  1. Fifth Final Tips – Are You Sabotaging Your Success Yes or NO?

It is amazing how many people pay for a coach or sign up with a recruitment firm, and then sabotage their own success. They will not take advice and they will not try.

As a career coach, I often ask people if they are sabotaging their success. Or, are you depressed? The best answer is yes because that means they are willing to accept the truth and make a change. They just need someone to point them in the right direction.

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