What it takes to be a Restaurant Manager!

Most people have learned that you don’t need a post-secondary degree to be considered for a restaurant management position.

The hospitality jobs all focus on results and a degree only means you’ve learned ‘textbook’ knowledge. That doesn’t mean that you can turn that knowledge to practical, day to day, management practices.

Recruiters are always looking for qualified Candidates and many people want to be restaurant managers, but they only see the tangible part of the job.

If you are ready to be a restaurant manager then you can do the following:

  1. You keep records, journals, and plans. If anyone asks you how to do something you have ‘a plan’ in writing. Don’t expect anyone to take your word for it.
  2. Do you know how to deliver the best service, to the worst consumer, in the middle of chaos? What have you done to prepare yourself to do this? Have you taken courses, volunteered in a management role, worked as the assistant manager, helped your current manager with a project? Again, don’t expect anyone to take your word. They want documented proof.
  3. Can you motivate a team? None will pay you just because you are a people person. Do you know the fundamental skills of coaching and motivation? Can you learn how to deal with employee’s emotional problems?
  4. The job interview is the first place where you need to set an example. Are you the type of person a restaurant wants to put in charge?
  5. Can you manage quality and ensure that your team keeps standards to a certain level?
  6. Can you successfully market a concept? The best place to learn this is by volunteering for local organizations and joining the ‘events team.’
  7. Time management is also a strong skill. You’ll show you can manage this by finishing projects on time and under budget.
  8. You have a positive attitude even under stress.
  9. You take responsibility for both success and failure. This is one thing you can highlight in a job interview. Do not complain, make excuses, or appear to be apathetic.
  10. Market yourself.

The last point is the most important. If you cannot market yourself then no one will believe you can market their restaurant.

If you are applying for a restaurant management position, or even an assistant manger’s position then don’t risk your opportunity by trying to bluff, over exaggerate, or lie. Be honest. If the restaurant recruiter does not accept your application then ask them for some tips and pointers and leave on a good note.

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