When you are talking to a hospitality recruiter there is only one thing they want to know, will you fail!

This is the only question they want answered and all the other questions are directed at answering that one.

You’ve studied, put in the time, and have taken the right courses. You have volunteer experience that supports your skills. You have the experience. Everything is in place but you still do not land the job.

As the weeks turn into months Candidates become frustrated and make mistakes. This hurts their chances of getting employed even more.

Why You Don’t Land the Job

Whether you are looking for a restaurant manager’s job, or a promotion, you need to prove that you can do the job.

Long Hours

When you are in a job interview are you making sure that the recruiter understands that you expect long hours as part of the job. Success requires intense commitment. The manager’s job isn’t the place for someone who ‘has a life.’

Work Hard

Managing a restaurant is no stroll in the park. It involves dirty, dramatic, draining – unappreciated work. You need to take emotional abuse from customers. The owners have an endless list of demands and projects they start but leave you responsible for executing. Your team has their own drama and petty squabbles that ruin the best schedules.

Manage Risk Effectively

As a manager, you need to take risk. No recruiter wants to hear that everything went smooth in your last position. What they want to hear is that you could handle all the situations that came along. Even small problems can have disastrous repercussions. Your job is to protect the restaurant from insurance claims, theft, bad online reviews, employee turnover. With the burden of carrying the entire restaurant, you still need to be calm and collected, cool and confident.

Know the Competition

It is your responsibility to watch the competition and make sure that you have a counter plan. When in a job interview can you tell them about the time you held a big special event, with great prices, and doubled the nightly take – on a weekend when a new restaurant opened down the week?


Before your next job interview take the time to prepare your resume, and interview answers, to show that you won’t fail if given the job.

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