In a smaller restaurant, the restaurant manager will execute most of the tasks normally assigned to a general manager.

In a larger restaurant, they will have a specific set of tasks and responsibilities in the job description.

We outlined both in this job for two reasons:

  1. To help new candidates decide whether their skill set and personality makes them suitable for a restaurant management position, or a general manager.
  2. To highlight some of the basic elements of a job and maybe identify why you are unhappy with your current job. Are you a restaurant manager in a general manager’s position, or vice versa?

We are not going to focus too tightly on the typical jobs. This article will focus on the points that are important to highlight when at a job interview.

  1. Watch the cash

The interviewer will rarely ask about your cash management system in the job interview, but it is important to let them know that you have a tight grip on the cash. That you put procedures in place that ensure mistakes can be caught as soon as possible.

It is also important to watch the cash coming in, and cash going out. The job description may state your purchases and daily expenses, but general managers and owners don’t want to find piles of stock in the back, but no money to cover expenses.

  1. Reviews and Customer Word of Mouth

The restaurant manager should take an active interest in the atmosphere and mood on the floor. This may not mean that you are actively on the floor all night. But it is important to focus on what is being said, what makes customers happy, and how many loyal patrons frequent the restaurant.

  1. The customer is always right.

This is the golden rule. And it is not true. It is one thing to sit in a job interview and state that you are able to handle customer complaints, but how? Do you have a coaching or customer service method in place? Does your customer service plan work? Do you keep all the customers happy at the owner’s expense?  These are all things the interviewer needs to know.

  1. Know the POS system

The restaurant manager should know their Point of Sale system inside and out. Make sure that the interviewer is aware that you know the POS system, where to find support, and how to fix problems.

  1. Watch the little things

If you don’t know like how the interview is going then focus on the little things you managed that saved the company money, improved customer service, improved employee retention.

When you are looking for a restaurant management job just remember that it is all about the bottom line. Profit and Loss is the primary job of the restaurant manager.

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