Project Management Skills That Recruiters Look For In Restaurant Manager Resumes

Anyone can work their way up the career ladder. To reach the position of restaurant manager is a challenge and one which comes with a lot of useful skills. One of the skills that you can learn ‘off the job’ is project management.

No education is required to be an assistant manager. It just takes time and effort. Working their way up the corporate ladder takes skill and patience.  The most important factor in getting an assistant manager job is to demonstrate ability. Also to have the knowledge of the restaurant you’re working in. A lot of assistant manager jobs are filled by lower level employees who showed their superiors they have what it takes to be in charge.

Prove You Can Save and Make Money

Firstly, managers have one job – to make money. Get all the experience you can, even volunteer work, that gives you the opportunity to be in charge of the budget.

Know the software

Second, there is no use gaining the skills as a project manager if you do not know how to use the software.

Knowledge about their area

A great project manager has a lot of knowledge about their industry – and a restaurant manager is no different. Knowledge about every aspect of the role and how to tie it all together successfully is vital. This is a skill that is important no matter what the project is.

Restaurant managers are adaptable, quick learners, and think on their feet to ensure services are delivered. And they make sure the whole team pulls their weight. This is a skill that transfers perfectly into project management positions.

Leadership skills and people management

Managing a team within a restaurant is a fine balancing act – and many of the staff have vastly different working hours and shifts.

Managing this, and ensuring that the team is strong together and support each other, is a leadership skill that is highly desirable in project management.

Understanding the strengths of a team and guiding them to perform well together. Each meeting their targets and workload is something restaurant managers – and project managers – do very well.

Organizational skills

It isn’t just managing the people in the team – it’s also understanding what they need, where they need it, and when. It’s the who, what, why, where, when and how of bringing everything together – and a good restaurant manager is on top of all of these aspects.

Project management is all about tying together everyone’s needs, skills, and overseeing the work of many people to ensure things run smoothly.

Time management

Finally, An awareness of what is happening when is vital in both restaurant management and project management. Careful forethought and an instinctive understanding of every area of the project is something that can transfer from one to another. This trait is highly desirable on a resume.

Communication on many levels

Lastly, from clients, customers, and members of the public, through every level of staffing and service provider. From student to Director, communicating effectively to share messages, guide the team, and ensure that the project completes efficiently. A good project manager is able to communicate well at all levels. This is a skill that is vital in project management.

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