Why you didn’t get the job

Every job hunter has asked “Where did I go wrong?” Most of us are experts at coming up with dozens of answers to this question. There are so many little things that can ruin a job interview, but most often it is one of the big things.

  1. Tried to Control the Job Interview

The job interview professional has an agenda. They were given a list of issues they want to cover, and a blueprint of the perfect candidate. He or she knows what is needed in a restaurant manager, and need to go through a big stack of resumes. They don’t have the time or patience to listen to you talk for 10 minutes on your ability to negotiate or how many great projects you ran for your last employer.

  1. Lack of Follow Up

Proactive follow-up is vital. Recruiters and interviewers see this as a lack of interest. But more important, it indicates how responsible you are. If you cannot stay focused long enough to win the job, then you will not be responsible to do your day to day tasks.

  1. Do your homework

We all have read ‘biggest mistakes’ lists that tell us to research the company. Many Candidates research long enough to learn the corporate line. Then they give away their ignorance. The interviewer may bring up a social issue in what seems to be a casual conversation. You passionately give your opinion – which conflicts with the major charity the corporation that owns the restaurant.

  1. Ambition

All companies want ambitious people. But an overly ambitious person can cause more conflict in the workplace than they are worth. An interviewer is not interested in placing a driven, highly educated, overly ambitious person in an entry level position. They know from experience that this person will leave the first time a better opportunity is offered.

  1. No ambition

Lacking ambition, or playing the victim, is a red flag. A person may have a string of bad luck but most professionals can work through it and get over it without bringing their personal life to the workplace. Maybe there has been a string of bad luck in your life over the last two years. Do not mistake the job interview for a therapy session. This is not the place to vent your problems with the world.

  1. Keeping  Confidences

Someone with a loose tongue can cause more troubles in the workplace than most people can imagine. At one end of the scale is the conflict in the workplace caused by gossip. Fractures among team members is a small problem compared to the possible ‘labor board’ issues and legal issues that might arise when intellectual property, confidences, or gossip.

  1. Attitude

A person can have the best education, experience, and still, have a low self-esteem or nervous disposition.  Some people may think they are acting like a team player, when they may appear to lack confidence.

These are only a few of the things I’ve heard career coaches and recruiters discuss. If you want some feedback then hire a career coach to interview you. They may be able to offer insight into your presentation and help with future job interviews.

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