What Type of Restaurant Do You Want to Manage?

New restaurants open all the time. They vary from pizza chains to sushi, English café’s to all-you-can-eat Buffets. But if you want to grow as a restaurant manager you need to look past the menu and find the type of restaurant where you belong.

Full Service Restaurants

These encapsulate the old-fashioned idea of ‘a night out’. The hostess invites guests to be seated at tables. The menu doesn’t define these restaurants. Whether there is a bar or not does not identify these restaurants.

If you are good at customer service, like to keep things the same, and are all about the experience then this might be where your skill set will be most appreciated.

Fine Dining

This is a top of the ladder. There is no room for error. The client’s expect the best experience, the best food, and the best service.

Think ‘theater’ if you want to manage this type of restaurant. It doesn’t matter what happened with the delivery, or which server is in the middle of a divorce. The ‘show’ must come off without a hitch.

Casual Dining

This is a full-service eatery that is geared towards families.  On the surface, this may seem like an easier restaurant to manage but only the uninitiated would think this. The competition is high. Your clientele is not loyal.

Fast Food

These franchises want the exact same experience every time the patron enters the restaurant. Each portion must be the same size every time, every day. There is no room for creativity. There is no room for expression. The manual must be followed.

Quick Serve

These restaurants capitalize on speed of service. They have simple décor, inexpensive foot items, and a lot of competition. The typical quick-serve restaurant is a coffee shop. There is a lot of turn over, and the employee base isn’t committed. The average quick food restaurant flips owners every three years.

These definitions may seem common sense to the average person developing a restaurant manager’s career. But they deserve a second thought. If you are not happy in your current hospitality job then maybe you are in the wrong restaurant. If you are looking for a new challenge then maybe you can find one that doesn’t have the same hassles as your current position.

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