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Top 3 People Management Attributes for Restaurant Managers

A restaurant manager needs to balance the corporate accountability side of their job, with the social side. Above them are investors, business owners, and general managers. Most of these people have a university BS or equal training. They network with people who are all at the top of their profession. Their world is a series of meetings, assessing risks, and networking with other businesses and politicians.

On the other side of the management job, there are the artistic and social personalities in the staff. They do the day to day jobs. The drama of the chefs and hostesses. The high stress and adrenaline that drives certain aspects of the kitchen. Everything is ‘turned on’ and emotional.  One wrong word and your whole kitchen staff can throw up their hands and mutiny.

All three groups of people need to be motivated and managed to generate success. They all have different goals and objectives. They are all motivated by different needs and wants. So how can a manager turn all these people into a single, effective team?

  1. Communication Skills

Can you write a report in AP style grammar using post-secondary level grammar? Afterward can you have coffee with the floor staff? Can you get both groups behind your plan?

If you’ve had to do this you know how difficult it is. You need a whole new vocabulary. You need to switch from thinking ‘corporate reports and profit loss’ to ‘weekends off and scheduling PA days.’

If you can’t talk to people you can’t make sure that everyone understand what you need to accomplish.

  1. Cooperation

A good leader is in the service of their people. This concept is hard to understand until you’ve had to put it to the test. Then you realize that it is almost impossible to manage a restaurant unless cooperation is a standard operating procedure.

Leadership skills are learned. They are not something you are born with. It takes time to develop the ability to get everyone on the same path and working towards the same goal. Cooperation is about investment. It is about investing in people and the business.

A good leader learns to think laterally, with everyone from the restaurant owner to the newest waitress on the same level. Leading a restaurant takes a strong commander who is in control, has a plan, and can control people without force.

  1. Accountability and Responsibility

This is where courage comes in. Especially when seeking a new job. Someone needs to accept responsibility for any plan to work. The restaurant manager is the only one who can see the entire picture. Only they know the strengths and weaknesses of every level of the restaurant.

If you want to keep a job.

You have your eye on a bigger restaurant or more challenge.

And if your future has the word success in it then you must without compromise, learn how to be the one responsibility for making things happen and solving problems.

New managers, or managers who are low on the career development scale, often mistake being responsible for mistakes as being the scape goat. Being responsible means that you identify problems and look for solutions that satisfy everyone.

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