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 Top 3 Leadership Attributes for Restaurant Managers

Restaurant managers are a unique breed of manager. You cannot graduate with a BS and expect to immediately land a great job in the hospitality industry. There are certain attributes that Restaurant Managers have that help them excel.

Last weekend I met a perfect management candidate at a hotel. He graduated top of his class, had four years’ experience, and had the stereotypical look of an up and coming star. I found this protégé behind the front desk making sure each and every customer had the best experience.

I was delighted to see that the system worked from recruitment to job interview to put the right candidates in the best jobs. And felt a bit disappointed for all the students in his class who will not land a great hospitality job. Many of these students will fall out of the hospitality industry. Others will struggle for years, always reaching but never finding the success their degree and BS promise.

Their lack of success has very little to do with their grades or their dedication. They may be as personable as the young man I met last weekend. The sad truth is, they may never know why their career has already hit the ceiling.

  1. The Successful Management Job Hunter Has Courage

Of all the intangibles a manager in the hospitality industry needs, courage is the most important. Courage and confidence are not the same thing but they are often mistaken for the same behaviors. The difference is that courage is a leadership attribute that makes people trust you and want to follow you.

A restaurant manager with courage doesn’t need to tell people that a task can be done, and done successfully. They have already accomplished the task, worked out the kinks, and come up with a great plan for success.

A courageous manager will be at the front desk, and loading the dishwasher. They won’t tolerate toxic communication or back biting among the team. They are not afraid of letting others take some responsibility, advance their skills, and move up the ladder.

  1. The Successful Management Job Hunter Has Self-Control

Self-control is not the same as appearing to be in charge and behaving properly with good manners. A person who has self-control can manage the restaurant without losing their confidence. They can stand in a meeting and accept responsibility for chaos, and offer a solution.

Good self-control gives a manager the ability to control a chaotic situation, or something going very wrong, without attacking their team.

It can be very difficult to show self-control on a resume, or in a job interview, without revealing things that went wrong in your last placement. This is where courage comes in. This is why we suggest that managers document everything. Create ‘plans of action’ so that when you become a Restaurant Management Candidate you will have the proof to back up your claims of courage and self-control.

  1. The Successful Management Job Hunter is an Effective Planner

There are so many benefits to a hospitality manager that is an effective planner. We could write an entire series on the topic. You’ve heard the famous quote “The failure to plan is planning to fail. It is attributed to Joe Paterno, a famous American football coach born in 1926. Any leader wishing to succeed as a restaurant manager must plan his work and then work his plan.

-There are many attributes that a manager needs before they become an effective planner.

-They have a high attention to detail.

-They understand the work needed to go into a plan, so they are more likely to invest their time and passion into any plan passed down by the general managers and investors.

-Planners are problem solvers. They learn to anticipate problems and start finding solutions before the problem becomes a reality.

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