Behaviors Best Hospitality Managers Share


Satisfaction and fulfillment in a job depends on your personality type. There is no ‘best’ personality type for a restaurant manager. However, each restaurant has its own demands and environment. Each is best suited to a different personality type.

If you are looking for a job as a restaurant manager then you need to highlight your personality on your resume. But there are some aspects that must be present if you want the job.

Restaurant Managers Need a Strong Sense of Empathy

Effective leaders know that the best managers are those who incite others to follow them. They use empathy and social skills to build a following. Fear and control have no place in a restaurant team.

The trick to landing a job is learning how to separate empathy from emotional drama. Can you show empathy in your resume or a job interview? Empathy is vital for success in any hospitality job.

The Successful Management Job Hunter is Justice and Fair

Many manager Candidates may wonder why Recruiting companies and Head-hunters continue to talk about personality tests, being just, and communication skills when they are not evident in so many restaurants.

These are not tools to land a job. These are tools that will land you a better job. What does a sense of being fair and justice have to do with a job interview? Let’s look at it from the point of view of a job interviewer.

A person who is empathetic and works to be just is the type of person who is going to take the investors seriously. They are not going to become lax and abusive to the staff. A smart recruitment professional isn’t going to focus on the good. They are going to unearth your personality when things went wrong.

They are also going to try and determine your ability to earn respect. It is difficult to create a unified, high-performance team when you play favorites or are insensitive to people’s feelings.

The Successful Management Job Hunter Has a High Level of Accountability

A manager may be low on their Career Development Curve and still, land a good job. How? By showing that you have a high level of accountability.  Look at this from the point of view of the restaurant owner. You have dreams. You have plans. Some of these may take months, or years, to execute.

How can you know your team is ‘on board’ if you can’t trust your manager, to be honest, and tell the truth. How can you find where the problems are if your manager is hiding their own mistakes. If they do that, then they will let their team do that.

Next thing – a business owner is abandoning profitable, strong campaigns based on other people’s mistakes and bad information.

The Successful Management Job Hunter is an Optimist or Realist?

The pessimist says the glass is half empty.

The optimist says the glass is half full.

The realist drinks the glass while the other two are arguing.

Successful Managers make things happen. They need a sense of timing. They also need a positive attitude. The ability to find the positive side of every situation. A positive person sees bad situations and turns negatives into positives.

Career Development

If you want to be a restaurant manager so that you can sit at a desk and delegate then the hospitality industry is not for you. If this is what you did in your last restaurant then you may have trouble landing your next restaurant.

The best restaurant managers are hands on people. They are willing to step in and take over any position on the floor or kitchen with a smile.

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