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pywuomhtc6k-baim-hanifEmployment Branding and how it attracts Job Seekers

Employment Branding is a new trend where companies leverage the stickiness of content marketing and social media. This sends a powerful corporate message that attracts a better level of manager. It is a tool used by recruiters to attract the ideal employee. Instead of promoting jobs, employers are branding themselves and making it easy for the best candidates to find them.

Benefits to the company:

The best employees who ‘understand how the system works’ find the employer and the employer can find a prime candidate who is already employed but may be thinking of moving to a new company. In the hospitality industry success depends on your ability to attract the best and brightest, companies and recruiting firms aggressively fight to make sure the best work for them. A company can have a list of suitable candidates before a job opening comes available which allows the hiring Managers to research potential Candidates before starting the hiring process.

Benefits for Restaurant Managers:

A Restaurant Manager can find a potential employer before leaving their current position by knowing what is out there. He or she can make an informed decision, to say, or leave their current employer. The job seeker may land their next job before even telling their current employer that they are looking. Finding a new job puts you in a good position to negotiate a better contract, more pay, or career advancement.

Why Aren’t More Companies Using Employment Branding?

Many companies cannot create an effective Employment Branding campaign because they do not want to invest the time needed to market their company and they are hesitant to spend money. As usual, marketing is the ‘bad child’ in any company because they cannot validate their expenses they often end up with the smallest budget. What these companies do not realize is that it can cost more money to hire the wrong manager. Gecko Hospitality has seen many restaurants in the hospitality industry who continually hire the wrong employees. Companies who market themselves and work with a recruiting company find managers who take their hospitality business to the next level.

Why Aren’t More Restaurant Managers Researching an Employer’s Brand?

They have an awesome recruiting agency working on your behalf and are a prime Candidate for the recruiting firm’s clientele. So why take the time to research the hospitality and restaurant’s employment brand? The answer is simple. Your recruitment firm can only do so much for you. They can bring you the job. They can position you for the job. But your Recruiter cannot choose your dream job, meet your goals, and give you the best and most fulfilling lifestyle.


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