Essential Job Interview Advice To Keep In Mind For Restaurant Professionals

Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking experience. Maintain your composure. It is an opportunity to find out more about the culture and core values of the company and whether the role available will suit you and allow for personal development.

Therefore, there are some very important questions that you should ask in every interview.

What are the future prospects of the Restaurant Manager?

This is a crucial question as it indicates that the restaurant manger candidate is looking for a role where they can progress. Also, it allows them to assess whether the position will enable them to achieve their long-term career goals. It helps to gauge the suitability of the role with regard to promotion to more senior responsibilities. If the interviewer cannot give a clear and concise answer it is probably a dead-end job. There is also the possibility that a Management position may develop in a different direction and become specialized. This would restrict a candidate’s opportunities to move forward as they would find it difficult to become employment material elsewhere.

In what way can the work I do contribute to the goals of the Restaurant?

This question will help to reveal whether or not you will be an important piece to the restaurant operations. If the role does not significantly contribute to the goals of the business, management may allocate fewer resources to complete projects and smaller budgets for pay raises and bonuses. Asking this question should help to give some inkling as to whether you will be provided with the necessary tools to be successful.

How would you interpret success in this role as a Restaurant Manager?

Putting this question to the interviewer can produce an answer that reveals some important information about the Restaurant position. You may find out to what extent your career aspirations can be fulfilled by the role. This also helps you learn more about the specific managerial skills required, as well as the culture of the company. This can assist in setting a benchmark with regard to the standard of work the company expects. It will help to clarify whether you have the right skill-set and qualifications to be employed by them.

What about the culture of the company?

Much time is spent at work so it is important that you can identify with the culture of the company. To avoid stress, establish whether the restaurant management role provides a healthy balance between the work time and leisure time. Do you have the opportunity to do flexible hours or will you have a set schedule? Also, does management staff usually work longer than the hours stated in their contracts? Are they frequently asked to work more and on the weekends? These questions will give you some idea as to whether you can cope with the demands of the role.

Is ongoing training provided for professional development?

This is another very important question as good companies will invest in their staff by   providing regular training on new skills so that workers can progress in their Management careers. Keeping up-to-date with different software and other skills helps to secure promotions and opens the door to new career prospects. If this facility is not offered by a business you can stagnate in the same role for many years, stuck in a rut and unable to move forward to a more successful future.

Why has this job become available?

By asking this question you can find out about some of the company’s background and any challenges it may be facing and whether the role has been newly created because the business is expanding. It could have become vacant because the previous holder was promoted to be the General Manager, which is a good sign as it indicates that there are opportunities for moving up the career ladder. Alternatively, the vacancy could be due to someone leaving or the company is downsizing by combining two roles into one. It enables you to gauge the stability of the company and whether it provides some form of job security.

To what extent does the role fit in with the general structure of the Restaurant?

The answer to this query should help you find out if the position you are applying for will suit your style of working. It can reveal whether you would be more comfortable working in a team or prefer to have full responsibility and control over designated projects with your staff. You can discover who you will be managing on a daily basis and the level of management you would report to.

Are there any concerns regarding me and the job in question?

This is a direct question to close the interview. It may or may not reveal the reasons as to whether the job is yours or not. Take this as an opportunity to discuss your talents and clear up any misunderstandings before it is too late.

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