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xpt4_hgzsjw-alex-robertImportant Points To Consider When Staffing Your Restaurant

Fair Scheduling Systems

Restaurants that rely on staff working specific shifts or set hours need to have a fair and balanced scheduling system. A well-constructed work roster is generated to prevent overworked and dissatisfied personnel. As this can have an adverse effect on productivity. Happy and satisfied workers are more likely to feel valued and remain loyal to a Restaurant. Therefore to maintain this scenario, there are some points to consider when creating an effective employee schedule.

Time Off Requests

Requests for time off such as vacations need to be factored in and allowance made for days off due to illness. By creating standby shifts as a backup for such eventualities, restaurants can carry on uninterrupted. Many restaurants have specifically designed staffing software where information is fed to a centralized system. The system automatically approves or denies requests and mark these activities on timesheets. Employees can also use self-service tools to mark the hours they prefer to work which allows restaurants to have a clearer overview of availability.

Amicably arrange requests for vacation time in advance. The festive season and school holiday periods place extra demands on the hospitality industry. This causes a staffing headache. Therefore, fair shift planning needs to be in place so that workers can also organize their own private leisure time. Staff who have the opportunity and freedom of working in shifts that give them a decent work-life balance, are usually more content and this in turn helps to enhance productivity.

Swapping Shifts

Workers swap shifts with their colleagues all the time. Scheduling systems that have this facility allow staff to have more control over their schedules, without negatively impacting on the smooth running of a restaurant. Extra staff is sometimes required at short notice for a specific event or when someone calls off sick. If new shifts are created, workers who are available can respond via any web-enabled smartphone while on the move.


Flexibility is key to its successful operation. In many hospitality environments there are employees who want to work more hours and others who want to work less. Scheduling tools can allow workers to indicate whether they want extra work or to reduce their hours. Taking into consideration the total number of hours required and worked, safeguards within a system will allow for additional shifts or a reduction.

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