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To help secure that all-important interview for promotion into a more management role, consider the following when rewriting a resume.


When seeking a management career you will no doubt have worked in various positions and can bring a wealth of experience to the table. Consider what area you would like to work in, focus on that and do your research. For example, if your aspiration is to be a head chef, get to know other head chefs in order to gain some insight into what the job involves. Targeting and researching the Hospitality Management role that you want makes it easier to understand the specifications of the job and to meet its requirements.

Identify keywords to communicate with the recruiter in the same language or jargon that they employ. As most Hospitality companies rely on computer software programs to review thousands of resumes, using the right keywords is essential when applying for jobs online. Additionally, learn more about a Hospitality Management Company to ensure that you are the right cultural fit and can align yourself with the mission and values of that Hospitality Management Company and your own.


Select a job based on your past hospitality experience. Critically assess what you have already achieved and identify what your future goals are for moving forward. The content of your resume needs to be specific and clearly communicated to the recruiter to ensure that your key offerings and value meets their needs.


When writing the content for your resume, do not make it too long. Recruiters receive hundreds of applications for jobs. They do not have the time to thoroughly go through every resume, so your management experience needs to stand out. Many people have the same or similar skills sets. When applying for a Hospitality Management role, you can explain how you have dealt with any past challenges. This demonstrates your management ability and problem-solving skills. For example, in a high turnover industry, by implementing coaching and mentoring programs, the staff turnover rate was reduced. This example states a problem, action and result. A clear and professional resume will also create a good impression and testimonials can add further support to your application. It is worth taking the time to produce a top-class resume that stands out from the crowd.

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