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Some Guidelines On How To Run A Restaurant

Despite the glamorous aura that surrounds restaurant ownership, it takes a lot of hard work and discipline to be successful. The industry is very competitive and involves long and gruelling hours in hot kitchens as part of the package. To keep the wheels running smoothly, the responsibilities of owners/chefs extend across activities that go beyond the kitchen. They need to balance the books and recruit appropriate kitchen staff and individuals for waiting-on-table duties.

Avoid being distracted

One of the biggest challenges is trying to be multi-skilled and do too much at once. This can cause frustration because regardless of what the issues are, you still have to ensure that the quality of the food and the service is maintained. Customers have to enjoy their experience and tell their friends about it. After all, word-of-mouth is the best PR you can have.

Refuse to compromise

As a Restaurant Manager you cannot please everyone. There are many failed attempts in the restaurant business which is rather frightening. Even if you are well organized with staffing, accounting, legal and everything else that a small business entails, your concept is either going to work or not. It is important to stick to decisions because even if the plan is not progressing as expected, changing midcourse to something that is out of character and not part of your talents will send the wrong signals and sound the death knell for the restaurant.

Remain consistent

This can be the biggest challenge because there are so many components that keep the restaurant engine running. Customer satisfaction is a priority for return business and means doing whatever possible to make them happy.

Attend to the mundane things

Setting up a restaurant involves a lot of preparation that includes organizing the menu, wine list and bar program. This refers to the boring business of sorting out all the legal aspects associated with establishing a restaurant, the banking and finance, insurance, bookkeeping, payroll, HR and setting up utility accounts for gas and electricity.

Surround yourself with the right people

As a Restaurant Manager it is never easy working with people because none of us are perfect. When a team is passionate about what they do, the whole process becomes much easier. Everyone in a resturant must work together to get the job done. Offering ongoing training and investing in those willing to learn is a great asset that helps a good restaurant to survive.

Don’t cut corners

As a Restaurant Manager be able to hire the best staff and purchase affordable, good quality food and materials. People-friendly workers who provide great food and service translates into long-term repeat customers. In your absence, you should be able to rely on your team to carry on regardless with their duties so that you have less to worry about. If you are launching a new restaurant and have a limited budget, keep some extra cash aside as a back-up while establishing the business over the first few months. This will help to cover any unforeseen circumstances such as a delay in the launch date or if you are not as busy as expected when the restaurant first opens.

Strike a balance

Draw a line between the restaurant and home as a healthy work/life balance is essential. This can be quite a challenge if family members are also part of the team. In this situation it is necessary to be creative and find solutions that suit everyone.

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