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Some Blunders That Can Contribute To A Botched Interview

Many of us know what it feels like to attend a job interview for that dream position in the Hospitality Industry. You’re confident that you’re the right person for the job and will impress with your knowledge and experience. Afterward, the restaurant informs you that you will be contacted if you are the right one for the opening. Several days pass and you receive an email thanking you for your interest but the position has been filled.

What went wrong? There are several errors that can affect the outcome of an interview. It is important that you are not discouraged or ever give up. Perhaps some of the following mistakes could apply to your specific Restaurant Management interview.

A Poor Cultural Fit  

Despite having all the necessary qualifications, that all-important call did not materialize. In this case, give some thought to the overall culture of a company, their clientele and whether you fit in. If not part of a company’s demographic targets, it could be difficult for you to integrate and have a relationship with the restaurant staff and customers and may also have an influence on your productivity. Learn as much as possible about a company before applying for any position.

Excessive Enthusiasm  

It is a good idea to show a certain amount of excitement and enthusiasm during a job interview. However, excessive amounts of this emotion can cause you to stumble over words and speak without thinking. Before responding to questions, carefully phrase your answer and pause before blurting out the first thing that comes to mind. This lets your interviewer know that you can remain calm and collected under pressure.  Also, it shows that you will take the time to carefully analyze a situation before finding a solution.

Feeling Anxious About Getting The Job

An interviewer is put off by someone who is desperate. If you admit that the interview is the first in several months, your potential employer may take a step back. However, if you let it be known that you have four interviews lined up during the next week, it can show that you are in demand and would be an asset to any company.

The Need For Training

Most managerial positions require a period of training or an induction course to learn the ropes. Basic hospitality knowledge is an essential requisite for the majority of roles today, so attending an interview saying you have some Restaurant Manager operational background and knowledge already spells disaster for a satisfactory outcome. Special computer programs designed for the hospitality industry and do require training. However, you should not need to be taught about basic computer functions. Even though you may claim to be a person who learns quickly, other interviewees who can do the job are waiting in line.

High Job Expectations

After attending a famous university and graduating with a first-class degree, you are now ready to join the workforce. You have an interview arranged and with your qualifications you are highly confident that you will nail it and the job will be yours.  However, this is not necessarily the case. Possessing a degree does show that you have the ambition to be a success, but does not automatically entitle you to jump the queue and clinch a General Management position in a restaurant. You will still need to prove yourself, and work your way up from an entry-level role in order to eventually earn and fill a post that has a much higher status.

The Standard Of Candidates

There are many talented people in the world so you must stand out from the crowd. An interviewer will narrow down a list of suitable restaurant management candidates to maybe two or three and you could be one of those. Should the outcome not be in your favor you must not feel disheartened by the result. Keep in touch with the company about similar position openings in the future.

The Right Match For The Job

If an job interview professional did not wish to hire you because your skill set did not completely match the restaurant management position or you were not a good fit for the company, but still took a chance and hired you anyway, would you be happy and really want to work there under those circumstances? Keep applying and take what you have learned from unsuccessful interviews to prepare for the next ones. Perseverance is the key to finding that dream job in the Restaurant management industry.

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