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Federal Court Enters Preliminary Injunction Halting DOL Overtime Rule

Ten days before the Department Of Labor’s overtime rule was supposed to take effect was put on hold. A federal court in Texas just entered a nationwide injunction, enjoining the Department of Labor’s Final Rule, which was set to make sweeping NATIONWIDE changes to the white collar exemptions beginning December 1st .  If you want to read the opinion, click Nevada v DOL Injunction.

So what does this mean for employers?  For salaried managers?

It means there is no change happening December 1.  For now, the salary level remains at $455/week or $23,660/year.  It’s anyone’s guess if the injunction will hold? The likelihood of the Overtime law ever coming to fruition under a Republican White House, Senate, and House is, in my opinion, quite slim (at least in its current form).  For now, salaried restaurant and hospitality manager professionals will not be compensated for any overtime.

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