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Mid-Level Managers and University grads often pigeon-hole the hospitality industry as a place where you work while putting yourself through university, or to fill resume gaps. This leaves some of the best talent missing some good career advancement moves.

Your career doesn’t need to stall. Robert Krzak, shares some insights that will prevent holes in your resume, and maybe launch a better career.

The main problem is that management job seekers are used to doing things themselves. Finding your next job is not a DIY project. You are a marketable commodity worth a few hundred thousand dollars over 10 years. The first step is to realize your potential worth, and then start marketing yourself as an executive.

Know the Facts: The Hospitality industry is Dependent on Recruitment Firms

  • Novices try to find jobs themselves
  • Professionals work with Hospitality recruiters or headhunters.

It doesn’t matter what is listed on your resume, skill set, or your education. If you try to find a job without working with a hospitality recruiter, then you will only land base level jobs. The hospitality industry has used recruiters for 20 years. It is their norm. If you want to win a high-level job then you need to play the game’. You need your own recruiter.

Hospitality Jobs and Career Development

Can you do the job? Answer this honestly. I didn’t ask if you wanted the job, I asked if you could do it. If the answer is yes, then it doesn’t matter what is on your resume, or your education.

The fact is, the hospitality industry is the largest employer in the United States. The career opportunities reflect this. It is possible to gain entry into management positions in multi-tiered companies without needing to run a restaurant, or be stuck dealing with staff and customers. If this is your image of the hospitality industry you haven’t seen things at the top.

Recruiters do not fill the bottom level jobs. They are looking for General Managers, Restaurant Mangers and executive level Candidates to fill job postings. The fact is, many of these jobs go to people who should be working for people with 5 to 10 years’ experience. Not because they are more qualified, but because many executive and management candidates overlook the hospitality industry, or don’t feel qualified to work with a recruiter.

A Second Look at Hospitality Recruitment Firms

There are opportunities that go unfilled by hospitality recruiters, mainly because they lack the qualified job seekers. There is a major problem. The professionals have an unrealistic view of the headhunters, feeling that they go after employed professionals and steal them away. This is not true.

What happens is that their ques are filled with underqualified, have egos that exceed their capabilities, and lack the skills. There is a saying in the professional development career world “educated beyond their capabilities”. This is as true today as it was 20 years ago.

The main reasons why you need to work in the hospitality industry is advancement, larger salaries than you are accustomed to, and no career ceiling. Research what is out there. It doesn’t cost to arrange an appointment with a recruiter.

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