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March Your Way To A Pay Raise


Someone holding money to show a pay raiseKnow Your Value

The first thing you should do is build your case as to why you deserve this pay raise. Prepare yourself to make a list of your accomplishments and specific contributions to the company. You can create a portfolio and showcase your work, or use specifics.  Collecting positive feedback from customers, other coworkers, or even map out how you have increased sales can help your case. Strategies may vary with different positions, but review and practice what you are going to say. This will make it sound confident and fluid when you do bring it to your supervisor. Reference some points as to why you should deserve this raise and not read off of a paper is a better way to show you care. If you are having trouble coming up with questions your boss may ask, look online to better prepare yourself.

Make It Official

Your next step should be to schedule a meeting. You should request a meeting through a professional email but make sure the timing is right.  Doing this will be harder for your boss to turn you down. Using your judgment when determining the correct approach based on the workplace environment and the personalities involved. If you’re in a busy season, it’s best to wait as your boss has other things on his or her mind. Requesting a pay raise during this time would be counteractive. If it is the right time to ask, make sure you know the company policy. Many companies do not give pay raises unless more work has been accomplished than when first initially hired. When determining a meeting time, make sure you give yourselves enough time to sit down and talk through the details.  Rushing through an important topic like this will make it likely that important questions or details could be left out. If a follow-up meeting is necessary, make sure that there is a clear date and time that will take place.

Let’s Talk Money

In order to get a better idea what to ask for in a pay raise, look at similar job descriptions and see what those companies are paying for that position. This will show you what the market price for your job position. Make sure to have a realistic expectation as to what your company can provide for you. Again, remain confident and refer back to the list of your accomplishment. It could be that your boss had been so busy that he or she had just forgotten how much time has passed since your last raise.

Not The Right Time

What if your boss tells you he or she cannot provide you with a pay raise? What your next step should be, is to ask your boss what you need to do to make sure when the time is right, that you would be eligible for the pay raise. Do not take it personally and have it affect your work. After you meeting, your boss may be looking for you to go above and beyond and really keep a close eye on you to see if you deserve the pay raise. No matter what your boss’s answer is, make sure to always send him or her a thank you email. Typically, regardless of the outcome of the conversation, your boss will appreciate you bringing it to their attention and will keep an open mind looking forward.

Be Persistent

After your talk with your boss, and the answer is yes, it is time to be persistent and focus on your work. Prove to your boss that they made the right decision. If the answer is no, you should be working even harder to show your boss that you can handle more responsibilities and deserve the pay raise. Avoid complaining and keep a positive attitude.

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