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Beachy Hotel Gecko Hospitality

The reputation of a hotel often relies on the level of management they deliver. A hotel manager is responsible for the smooth running of the establishment and keeping customers happy so that they return. Hotel management is quite lucrative because typically requires no further higher education after the completion of high school. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average pay in 2010 was $46,880. However, working as a hotel manager is not always a walk in the park. The following advice can help to better yourself as a manager and ensure smooth operations.


A key quality of a successful manager is always listening to any comments or criticism expressed by staff or guests. Managers need to make note of the type of complaints or concerns that arise. An example is a chef relaying dissatisfaction about menu changes, or a guest communicating their unhappiness about the level of service being received. Mark them down on a paper list or enter them digitally into a specific task-management system. Investigate all staff and guest issues and deal with them as promptly as possible. By faithfully following through, you not only rectify any problems customers may be experiencing with the hotel, it also indicates that you take the time to listen and really care.

Managing Finances

Be aware of the overall financial picture. Even though maintaining a healthy cash flow can be tricky, just staying afloat is not the only criterion. Focusing on small sections individually of a budget is not as helpful dividing expenses into logical categories. These categories will help look at the total. Stay updated with your income and expenditure on non-urgent or unimportant projects. With the help and input of the hotel staff, look at ways of streamlining your finances and reallocating funds to more deserving areas, such as rectifying consistent and common complaints received from hotel guests.

Monitoring Daily Operations

Keep in touch with every aspect of running a busy hotel. It is easy to become desk-bound dealing with the daily paper work and unintentionally failing to keep watch on other important matters. One of these is the routine of making regular room inspections. Select five or six at random and ensure that they are clean and tidy.  At the same time, check whether any repairs are necessary. Also monitor the standard of work that the housekeeping staff is delivering, as the first impressions of guests carry a lot of weight when it comes to the general assessment of the hotel.

Selecting Exceptional Staff

Integral to creating the best customer experience is the employment of top class workers. As valuable resources, they are part of an essential support system that helps to keep the hotel running efficiently. It is advisable to look after them and always treat them with respect. Shouting out orders to get the desired results, gives you a team of disgruntled workers. This can lead to job dissatisfaction. Advice staff to voice their discontent once guests are gone. Rather take the opportunity to show your appreciation through praise to demonstrate that you value their overall contribution to the successful running of the hotel. In that way, you are more likely to establish a team that has more motivation to give of their best and are much happier employees. Hotel management requires total dedication and going the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction.



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