The hospitality industry can be the most lucrative, and most competitive job market in the United States. There is a saying ‘fail to plan is a plan to fail’. This is true if your end goal is to move up the chain of command in a restaurant, hotel, or casino. It doesn’t matter where you want to work in the United States, there are hundreds of applicants for each job.
The good news – most of them are not qualified. You may be a good restaurant manager, or a project manager looking to change careers. That doesn’t mean that you are a perfect fit for every job out there. It takes skill, talent, and experience to place the right Candidate in the right job position.
Here are a few tips that will help you understand why you need to stop trying to find your own job, and work with a recruiter.

Do You Know the Hiring Professional?Job Hunting - Recruiter and candidates working together

You may have a name, but you don’t know the HR representative the same way a recruiter does. In the hospitality industry this can make or break a job application pitch. The recruiter may know insider information that makes you perfect for one HR rep. They know who to pitch your resume to, and who to avoid.
HR and Recruiters work day-in-day out for years. They know what each other brings to the table. The recruiters know what HR wants, and what they don’t want.

Not All Skills are Pertinent to the Job

Ten people may have the same project management degree, but that doesn’t mean they can offer the employer the same skill set. An online job posting is a short blurb outlining the main goals the restaurant or hotel needs.
You may be a great project manager but lack the creativity a specific restaurant needs, or maybe you have too much creativity for a job that has very strict boundaries. Without knowing the specific needs of the project you cannot pitch your skillset. A job interview is brief. You don’t have the time needed to create a proper proposal.
The recruiter is in a different position. They may have a couple meetings with HR, or multiple people in HR. They’ve worked with them before, and they know what type of person they want in their restaurant or hotel.
Good Teams = Success
We all know that a good team is fundamental to the success of a business, especially in the hospitality industry. Teams are made up of people with similar motivations, goals, communication styles, and personality types. From Resume Creation to Interview Tips, you need someone to help you impress HR.
A Recruiter works with you long enough to understand who you are and what takes it takes to land the job.

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