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The Hospitality Industry job opportunities offers potential that few employment base industries where you can always find employment in your skill set. The trick is to connect with job opportunities in a way that secures a good living wage, job security, and opportunity for growth. The demand is based on general information. It doesn’t define skill set, experience, ability, personality, or education requirements. It also doesn’t take into account the population, social environment of a particular area, or the employment level.

Restaurant Server:

A restaurant server is always in demand. They are first impression guests receive and are responsible for the customers needs and satisfaction.

The numbers to know:

  • Demand per month: 10,400 people
  • Median salary: $19,000

Office Manager:

Office managers are in high demand as they are the ones that keep the restaurant or hotel running smoothly. Some of the tasks include keeping in contact with customers, staffing (in a restaurant), and other administration work.

The numbers to know:

  • Demand per month: 6,300 people
  • Median salary: $52,000

Janitors and Cleaners:

Janitors and Cleaners are needed in almost every industry. While yes, their main job is to clean, many go above and beyond and also work on maintenance if it is a small company.

The numbers to know:

  • Demand per month: 5,000 people
  • Median salary: $23,000

Restaurant Cooks:

Restaurant cooks are the unsung heroes of the restaurant industry. Cooks usually work late hours in a hot, noisy, and stressful place. It can be really rewarding though as people are always hungry and eating out.

The numbers to know:

  • Demand per month: 3,800 people
  • Median salary: $23,000


Hospitality Industry Jobs and Salary


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