A “Restaurant Manager” is much more of a broad job description than some people may think. There are so many different types of restaurants, from Quick Service (QSR), focusing on speed of service and inexpensive food items – to Fine Dining restaurants, where it’s all about “wining and dining” the guests – and of course, everything else in between. What type of restaurant management career do you want to build for yourself?

Where to Find a Restaurant Management Career Opportunity

Trying to find the best route into the restaurant business after working in other industries can be puzzling at times but there are a variety of ways to break into restaurant management.

  • Recruiters and Recruitment Firms – these are by far the most profitable and reliable ways to find long term, well paying restaurant jobs.
  • Job Fairs – Look for new restaurants opening within your area or restaurants doing a mass hiring event and go for it! Be sure to dress professionally come prepared with your resume for on-the-spot interviews.
  • Apply, Apply, Apply – Even if it’s not your dream job at first, everything is a process and takes time. If you are offered a position as an hourly employee and do a great job and exceed expectations, there will be opportunities to quickly move up the ladder.
  • Seasonal or Part-Time Work – When seasonal or part-time employees are hired and end up going above and beyond what’s expected of them, often times are offered full-time or higher-ranking positions within the company in a short period of time.  Good restaurant managers recognize hard workers and if you prove that you are worth keeping around for the long-haul, they will work you into their long-term plan.

Breaking into any new industry can have its ups and down, but the good news is: Many restaurants promote their employees from within the company to become the next assistant Restaurant Manager. Depending on the company, promotions can start happening as quickly as a few months. Getting your foot in the door is the key!

Working your way up to an assistant manager in the restaurant industry is a fantastic accomplishment.  Once achieved, the sky is the limit!  Being promoted to General Manager, District Manager, or Area Director are just some of the great opportunities that your future could hold.


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