Restaurant Management Career Development needs a plan, and an open mind.

If you have blood running through your veins and breathe oxygen, you probably guessed McDonald’s is one of the most well-known fast food chains in the world. They are glorified for their tasty burgers and distinct French fries. With over 35,000 locations and almost 400,000 employees, McDonald’s has a lot going on. It is noted that McDonald’s has one of the best internal promotional structures in the restaurant industry. Because of this structure, McDonald’s has found incredible success as an employer to become as renowned as they are today and adept in their management training, composed of simple, yet well-executed parts.

Hamburger University

This is not just any university. This university is a training facility that McDonald’s has created to teach and train various personnel in restaurant management. They emphasize the importance of regular restaurant procedures, quality, service, and cleanliness. Since 1961, over 80,000 restaurant managers, mid-managers, and owner/operators have graduated from this university. More than 7,500 restaurant managers attend each year. The training of leadership and development here has become the company’s global center for excellence. McDonald’s mission is to train the best who have the commitment to quality, service, cleanliness, and value.

McDonald’s was the first restaurant company to develop a global training center and are continually recognized for their excellence in training. They are the only quick service restaurant to currently receive college credit recommendations from the American Council on Education. To say the least, McDonald’s is thriving on their management training techniques. With this type of training, restaurant managers and General Managers alike will go above and beyond to perform excellent effort in their work.

Restaurant Management Career Development

What is career development? According to McDonald’s, it is the grounded talent management and includes, career planning, individual development, career maps, succession planning, and learning activities. McDonald’s is very passionate about their employee’s career development and like to see each individual succeed. This refers to everything that individuals and as an organization that contribute to learning, growth, competency building and movement from job to job.

Candidate Career Success

Success is the only thing that McDonalds is striving for and they accomplish it year after year. Their 50 year streak was not achieved by doing nothing. Each year, they take in new structures that will help improve their management and service. For each road block, they are finding new ways to pave their managers to success. McDonald’s management training has become one of the best training systems for restaurant managers and many employees are often promoted within the company. Without this dedication to always be the best, they would not have been as successful as they are today.

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