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Restaurant Management 101: 10 Things to Never Do At Work

There are 10 things that can damage your image and restaurant management reputation. These are things that everyone does, and that no one may condemn you for. They may even be considered acceptable in today’s society. But, if you do these things you will find that they do matter when it comes time to pick the next manager.

Answer Your Cell Phone

Turn cell phones off at work. You do not need to text your husband about dinner when you should be finishing a report. There is no need to check facebook between jobs, or just before a break. While being on your cell phone at work is acceptable in some workplace environments it is a definite a ‘no no’ for management candidates.

Cell phones disassociate people from what is happening ‘now’ in the real world. Professional managers and psychologists know that it can take up to 15 minutes to regain your focus. This is lost time. The impact on the workplace costs the restaurant money.

Don’t think that you can escape to the bathroom for a quick text. No one needs the bathroom several times a day. It is a dead give away

Social Networking

I don’t know how many times someone had facebook open in the background on their computer as I walked by. The a ‘twinge’ of annoyance is a visceral response. As a manager I am counting on people to do their part so the job is done – properly. When management candidates come to me with excuses as to why their project isn’t done, or why they need overtime, my mind instantly flashes to that facebook tab on their computer.

It also creates a level of suspicion. If you are facebooking what more are you doing? How much time do you waste in a day. It inevitably comes down to one thing. Can I trust you with more responsibility? To which the answer is always, ‘yes’.

Mentally Arrive Late and Leave Early

As a manager the first hour of my day is intense. The last hour of the day is chaos. I can’t go home until the ‘flow’ is balanced and the problems dealt with. I quickly identify who arrives at work and needs an hour to ‘wake up’, or who mentally ‘clocks out’ 30 minutes before the end of the day. Am I prejudiced against them? No. I just ignore them. I have no time for them. I will focus on the people who will help get the day started, or solve problems. I am especially interested in the people who will solve their own problems in the last two hours of the day.

Do you Give or Take?

There are two types of people in the world. People who give. People who take. If you want to be a management candidate then you need to consider what type of person the current managers see you as.


  • Add to their job
  • Add to their environment
  • Solve problems
  • They plan quickly and take action to finish a job
  • Are work and task oriented
  • Measure a good day by successful results
  • Talk about facts
  • Are groomed to be Management Candidates


  • Drain everyone emotionally
  • Don’t finish tasks
  • Talk about doing things and spend a lot of time planning
  • Are social and emotional oriented
  • Measure a good day by whether they feel happy
  • Talk gossip and are toxic
  • Are given low risk, low responsibility, repetitive jobs.



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