Qualified managers, especially in the hospitality industry, then you need to understand why you are not hired for jobs you want.  We asked professionals here, at, to created a list of the reasons a recruiter may turn down a qualified Candidate.

Image is Everything

When you walk into the interview does your image fit the restaurant’s image? Yes, you want to appear well put together, and competent. But what image does the restaurant have? If you do not look like ‘one of them’ then your outfit may cost you the job. Hired, or not hired, may depend on your image.

Even your perfume or cologne may ‘turn off’ the recruiter. A high end formal office may not like the breezy spring scent of your favorite scent. A  family restaurant may not be impressed by your expensive suit, high end perfume and expensive shoes.

Remember that perceptions are created by sight, sound and scent. Being a little bloated from last night’s pizza, or being tired from the party three days ago can create a negative vibe that the recruiter just ‘senses’, or makes them feel uncomfortable.

But there is more to it. Don’t try to appear like what ‘you think’ a high energy manager looks like. When we try to mirror something we are not for a job interview  then we radiate negative emotions. The tension shows on our face.

If you land the job then this will become your new image. Embrace it – now. Start living the lifestyle you want to immerse yourself in.  If you cannot comfortably meld into a lifestyle and image then maybe it isn’t the place for you. There are many types of businesses in the hospitality industry. Discuss this with your recruiter and see if they can help you identify the environment where you will feel comfortable.

Do You Look Stressed?

Do not be stressed or tired when going into a job interview. You cannot cover it as well as you think you can. Remember that recruiters ‘read people’ for a living. You may appear to present yourself well when tired, but you may give off vibes the recruiter reads wrong.

When I am coaching clients I always tell people to cut out coffee, sugars and alcohol for three days before the job interview. Drink lots of water. Cut out high sugar and processed foods. Bright clear eyes, a well hydrated expression, lack of inflammation/water retention, and being calm gives off subtle perceptions of health and success.

We all know that you need to eat and sleep to look good. But did you know that talking about negative things, not forgiving and forgetting, and losing your temper leaves subtle indicators in your facial micro-expressions that an intuitive person (job interviewer) can pick up.

If you want the job, then start learning what a positive, high energy attitude is and then start adopting a new lifestyle.

Toxic Communication

Be very careful that you don’t use the interview to vent on people or procedures at your old place of employment. But, be aware that a good recruiter will try to bait you into doing just that. How you communicate, and what you discuss reveal your personality.

The better the interview appears to be going, the more likely you are to reveal grievances that you have against others. If you can be lured into being toxic in a job interview, then you will cause dissension if given the new workplace.

Practice with colleagues and friends. Ask them to try to catch you saying anything negative about another person.

Managers Who Didn’t Research

Any manager needs to be good at research. If you cannot research more than what google tells you when trying to land the job, then you are not likely to do in depth research when you have the job.

If you can, research the company’s financials. No matter what job you are hired to do, your ‘job’ is to help the company stay profitable. If you have no interest in the company’s financials, competition, or the industry strength then there isn’t much chance that you will take an interest after landing the job.

Have you read the job description? Do you understand what the company deems differences in the restaurant manager and the general manager’s job.

Your Hobbies Killed a Managers Prospects

That little part at the end of the resume where you fill in the last couple of lines stating your outside interests can be one of the most powerful selling points of the resume. This section can paint a picture of the type of person you are.

The only practical reasons a job interviewer is interested in your off work lifestyle is because they want to know if you actively invest in your physical and emotional health. Do you work hard and play hard? Or do you put 40 hours in, and then party all weekend?

There is no reason to list hobbies unless they apply to the job you are applying for.

Are You a Team Player?

Here is where most candidates fail to impress recruiters. Your resume states that you are a team player. But, where is your recruiter? Who is your career coach? If you don’t build your own team, then you are not a team player.

This type of inconsistency will cost you the job. Professionals act like professionals. They do not spend weeks following classifieds. They work with recruitment firms. They have connections. They belong to associations. They go to trade shows, attend workshops, and have mentors.

Who you are ‘in your personal life’ is who you will be ‘on the job.’

A person is not born a team player. You need to learn how to be a good team player. Develop the skillset to be valuable to other members of your team. What skills have you learned? What abilities have you developed that make you a team player?

Are You a Risk Taker

This one is tricky. A good risk taker weighs the risk and benefits. They learn to predict problems and avoid them. They learn how to assess a risk determine whether it is worth the effort. They learn to brainstorm with their team, looking for a different perspective.

They also remember that it is not their money they are playing with, but the restaurant owners. But it is the risk takers who change the future of a restaurant. They are the ones who make big gains, and ultimately move up the corporate ladder.

The Restaurant Industry offers more opportunities than most other industries. There are opportunities for anyone who wants to change their future. There is a movie called ‘A Knight’s Tale’. In it the boy asked his father, ‘Can a man change his stars?’ It took a lot of work, sweat, and risk taking, but in the end the boy did change his future.

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