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Practical Tips to Hiring in a Candidate’s Market

Does it seem like every great management candidate is snatched up faster than you can say “you’re hired”? Or worse, you’re not finding management candidates at all?

In “Practical Tips to Hiring in a Candidate’s Market,” we explore ways to help you think differently about your hiring process so you not only source great candidates, but get them on board faster.

First, we take a brief look at current industry trends, then you’ll discover:

  • Why the “2-jobs-in-5-years” rule is dead.
  • Ways to look beyond “traditional” experience.
  • How to multiply your efforts.
  • When to close the circle of interview to hire.
  • Improve Your Hiring Process

BONUS! Included is “7 Days to a Decision” — a day-by-day list of speeding up your hiring process.

Start thinking differently about your hiring process.

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