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5 Benefits to Cultivating a Better Relationship With Your Boss

You’ll probably experience all sorts of relationships with people at work. Some drive your creativity or productivity, some become genuine friendships, and some may be less than pleasant. But it’s important to learn to work with everyone around you, and the relationship with your boss is undoubtedly one of the most significant.

It’s just a fact of life that not every supervisor, manager or other boss is ideally suited to the position. According to research by Gallup, only around 1 in 10 people have what it takes to be a strong manager. Often though, it’s mostly a matter of how well a boss and employee’s styles mesh. Great bosses and employees adapt to work with different people and different styles.

In a professional environment, personal feelings must be set aside if they affect the quality of work or the workplace atmosphere. And regardless of personal feelings, there are always benefits to building a better relationship with your boss.

Why Strive for a Stronger Relationship With Your Boss?

Few relationships in the workplace affect your job satisfaction and general quality of life from day to day like the one with your boss. In this context, developing a better relationship primarily means building mutual respect and trust, rather than coming to like each other on a personal level (though that certainly can happen too).

There are many effective ways to improve your relationship with your boss, but in case you’re not sold on the benefits yet, here are five compelling reasons to do so:

1. You’re happier at work.

Having a strong relationship with the person above you generally makes the job more pleasant and interactions more respectful and amicable. Feeling good about this relationship lets you feel good about your job and leaves you less likely to daydream constantly about finding a new one.

2. You feel more motivated.

Hand in hand with being happier comes an increase in motivation. When you feel good about your job and your relationship with your boss, you want to work harder and smarter to contribute to the success of your brand. Your performance will improve—and this in turn will strengthen your relationship with the people alongside and above you.

3. You get better feedback.

A strong, mutually respectful relationship with your boss leads to increased acknowledgement of your successes and more helpful constructive criticism. It’s always nice to feel appreciated. And, if you and your manager communicate well, you get more valuable, well-delivered feedback that helps improve your performance.

4. You become more trusted.

When your boss feels good about your relationship, you become a trusted employee. The boss has more confidence in you and your abilities, your loyalty to the company, your honesty and integrity, your capability for working well with others and so on.

5. You’re more likely to get promotions and raises.

When you have a great relationship with your boss, a good attitude, strong performance that continues to improve, and trustworthiness, you’re well positioned to keep earning more responsibilities and a larger role in the company. In other words, chances are good you’ll get promotions and raises as your career blossoms.

Looking for the Perfect Hospitality Job to Build Relationships and Your Career?

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