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Three Ways to Get Extra Tips This Holiday Season

Tipping is an important way to supplement the income of hospitality industry workers. From the hotel concierge, housekeeping, and bellman, to the valet and restaurant server, tipping is an accepted and important part of the service industry. Follow our lead to get extra tips this holiday season.

Each of these roles requires a certain amount of hustle, as well as strong customer service and attention to detail. Hospitality employees in these positions work hard to earn the extra cash and appreciate the income boost from tipping customers.

Everyone knows to earn the best tips, you must engage customers and give them the perfect experience in your facility. But what is the difference between the average Joe in the hospitality industry and the employees who make the best tips? Is there a formula for earning more tip money in the hospitality industry, no matter what role you’re working in?

Top Tips for Making More Tips

Here are three important ways to improve the chances your tip will be higher in your hospitality career.

1. Create a Warm Welcoming Environment for Guests

Greeting customers with a welcoming smile, making small talk, and introducing yourself by name can all help a guest feel more at home in the experience they’re having. If you are a server, refilling glasses without being asked and checking frequently on if the customer needs anything else is certainly important. But hotel visitors can also feel welcomed when you introduce yourself and ask the client what brings them to the facility, or where are they from, and how you can help.

2. Create Reciprocity

Psychology Today suggests customers who perceive you’re giving them something will be more inclined to tip at a higher rate. That’s exactly why housekeeping leaves a nice note and a mint on the freshly made bed. Servers who write a note on the back of the check are perceived as friendly and typically receive a higher tip. Providing hotel guests with meal coupons, maps, and other items helps travelers feel like you’re giving them a bargain while taking good care of them during their stay.

3. Provide Excellent Service

In today’s fast-paced hectic world, it’s more important than ever for hospitality workers to focus on what remains the most vital part of our jobs; keeping the customer satisfied. Pamper a customer with the best service, and most of the time, this work pays for itself in a solid tip. Creating a warm, welcoming environment and reciprocity all lead to the ultimate service environment of comfort and attention. Treating customers with respect while serving their needs, wants, and priorities is exactly why the hospitality industry was created. For those servers, housekeepers, bellhops, and others in the hospitality field, there is both an art and a science to providing excellent service. But we know from experience that hospitality workers providing the best service always receive the best tips.

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