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7 Things to Remember After a Rough Day of Working With Customers

Most hospitality workers have a love/hate relationship with their customers. Our clients are the reason we’re there, but they can also make the job difficult. When something goes wrong with a guest’s meal, room or another amenity, it can sometimes make the job harder – but, dealing with these problems is just part of the job.

Bad days can happen on any job, but it’s how we cope with these challenges that can make or break our day and the job itself. Here are some things to remember when you have a hard day in the hospitality industry.

Time to Decompress

For many people, the best and most relaxing way is to take time after a long stressful shift to decompress. This could mean turning off your electronics and taking a walk, a nice bubble bath, or listening to music. Take a step back and turn off long enough to relax and get your positive energy back.


During stressful situations, the body shuts down and you breathe more shallowly. That’s why some of the latest wearable devices remind wearers to take slow, deep breaths. Make this a part of your daily routine and watch the frustration slide away.

Count the Positives

Consider the positives in your life as an exercise in remembering why you took the job and the benefits it affords you. Are there positives in your life that you’re taking for granted? It’s easier to feel like things have fallen apart, but the simple exercise of being grateful can help you reset your attitude.

Get Some Perspective

If today was a hard day, what was yesterday like? Most of the time, a job in hospitality is rewarding, fun, and interesting. Having a bad day in any job is just part of life’s challenges, and this too shall pass.

Skip the Blame Game

Try to turn your attention to other things. Don’t dwell on who or what caused the situation. Stop blaming yourself or others and move on. You will not make the situation better by spreading negativity or blame.

Validate Yourself

Self-validation is a useful tool for centering yourself and alleviating stress. Try to do something that makes you feel good for simply being the person you are. Spread a little kindness to offset your bad day by taking your dog for a walk or your children to the park. Try to understand the guest that caused your bad day today is part of a situation that just happened – but it isn’t you.

Take Care of Yourself

A bad day can make a person feel bad inside and it’s easy to reach for a drink or chocolate to clamp down on the negative emotions you’re feeling. Instead, practice healthy self-care that allows you to deal with these feelings in a way that won’t make things worse.

Is It Time for a New Job?

The occasional bad day is a part of any job. However, if the situation you’re in is growing more difficult, it might be time to speak with the talent team at Gecko Hospitality. We have new jobs opening all the time in the hospitality field and can help you transition to a new position.

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