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5 Qualities Corporate Event Planners Must Have

There are nearly 150,000 professional corporate and party planning companies around the U.S. There are also event planners in large enterprise organizations around the globe. Event planning requires some incredibly diverse skills, from people management to organization, planning, and even an understanding of technology. What qualities do corporate event planners have that make them skilled in their field?

Must-Have Skills for Event Planning

People skills are a necessity for event planners. It’s not just a love of people that will get you through this role, either. Event planners deal with a lot of stress when crises arise, and almost all of the issues they face are related to people in some way. A great event planner should be level-headed and calm under pressure, but also patient with people. Event planners should do a great job building relationships with stakeholders, whether it’s attendees at the event, the speakers, vendors, and more. People skills include great communication skills along with organizational skills that keep them ahead of any crises that might occur.

Speaking of organizational skills, an event planner must be extremely together when it comes to both small and large details. Think about all the parts that go into event planning, from the venue to attendees, to presenters, lodging for attendees, and more. Fortunately, there are all kinds of software tools that can help, including event planning software to help you stay organized. Time management is a big part of the organizational skills you’ll need as an event planner. Prioritization of tasks, when it seems like everyone is clamoring for your attention, is crucial for event planning.

Attention to detail keeps everything around your event process flowing smoothly. The smallest details can trip up the biggest events, and experienced event planners know it. An event is made up of a million tiny pieces put together in a way that creates a big, flashy, successful event. But the reality is that even the color of flowers on a tabletop, could change the tone of an event, not to mention technology failures, housing problems, and so much more. These small details also require dozens of decisions throughout the planning and even implementation process. As event planners gain more experience, they will grow increasingly skilled at making fast, effective decisions that positively impact the quality of the event.

Last but not least, event planners need to love the job. Sometimes, when it’s stressful, it’s this passion for putting on a successful event that is all that keeps you going. Corporate event planning is stressful and rewarding. You must have excellent troubleshooting skills and a lot of energy to pull off a big event. You may put in long days but the people that make up this field find it very rewarding.

Gecko Hospitality works with event planners to help them find the right positions for their skills If you’re an event planner, or looking to break into the field, talk with our team today.



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