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How Can a Gecko Franchise Help Your Community?

Ed Crofton’s Story

Ed Crofton is on a mission to serve his customers. He’s been a Gecko Hospitality franchisee for two decades. Owning a franchise,“enables me to run my own business and stay in the industry without the day-to-day grind that can wear you down.”

What was Ed’s experience as a Gecko Hospitality franchisee? Why does he feel the business is so mission-driven? What are the benefits of opening a Gecko Hospitality franchise, when there are so many other business opportunities to choose from? We have answers straight from this experienced franchise owner.

On a Mission to Hire—With Gecko Hospitality

Ed Crofton owns Gecko branches in the District of Columbia, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. All of the businesses have been wildly successful, even during today’s labor shortage. Ed credits his success to a simple mission of service that permeates all of his daily tasks.

He says he has two types of customers: The businesses that trust his recruiting team to find their talent and the talent themselves. He says, “I am proud of all the candidates I helped with finding their ‘dream job’ as well as the clients I have helped secure the talent they need to make their businesses successful.”

We asked Ed about focusing on taking care of his customers and he considers it a driving factor behind his work every day. He says, “I could do this for another 20 years!”

Key to Success

The key to his success has been the support he received from the Gecko Hospitality franchise team. “Being in the industry for over 40 years and around franchising for the last 20, I learned there are different types of franchisors. Some are just about selling you a franchise.” Once the money is in hand, the support doesn’t pan out—many franchisees are on their own. But Ed says that “Gecko Hospitality members are truly a partner and will ‘jump over hoops’ in providing the support to make you successful.”

Like Ed, Gecko Hospitality is on a mission to serve its hospitality franchisees with the hands-on support they need to be successful. It’s this mission of service that permeates the entire team at Gecko Hospitality.

Ed mentions that not only does the Gecko Hospitality support staff go above and beyond to service franchise partners, but they also have tools and models that help them achieve their goals. Ed says, “Trust in the systems and processes they teach and provide.”

Is a Franchise Right for You?

Gecko Hospitality is standing by to help you realize your dream of entrepreneurship. We offer our franchise partners the security of proven systems and tools that give a leg up on the competition. With access to industry tools that allow you to leverage hidden talent pools, our Gecko Hospitality franchise partnerships are uniquely positioned to fill a much-needed niche in hospitality recruiting. Franchising with Gecko allows you the flexibility of becoming your own boss without the stress of figuring things out on your own. Together, we tackle your business goals as part of our growing franchise network. Contact on us to find out more.


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