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Considering a Career in Hospitality? 4 Things College Graduates Should Know

If you’re getting ready to graduate from college and are looking for job stability and opportunities for advancement, look no further than the hospitality field. Compensation is increasing as are your choices of good jobs. If you’re thinking about a career in hospitality, here are four important things that new college graduates should know.

  1. Consider Your Niche

    Hospitality is a huge field. It includes the restaurant industry, tourism, hotels, lodging, and so much more. There are jobs ranging from catering to working as a chef, managing a five-star hotel, or even working on a cruise ship. Within each of these sectors, you’ll find specialty areas, from marketing operations to customer service. Literally, there are dozens of niches to choose from in the United States. Consider your choices early on and pick wisely to start your climb up the career ladder.

  2. 2022 is the Year for Big Raises

    Business Insider reports “Leisure and hospitality workers are getting their biggest raise in 20 years” in 2022. After the pandemic, 38% of former hospitality workers said they weren’t coming back to the industry. Employers are making it harder for these former employees not to return by increasing pay by rates we haven’t seen since 2001. For new graduates, there has never been a better time to enter the hospitality field.

  3. Growth is Almost a Given

    The hospitality field allows the kind of growth you’ve been waiting for. Ambitious new professionals to the field can pursue positions that encompass regional and corporate management, finance, HR, and so much more. These organizations are hungry for long-term leadership that can step into the shoes of a retiring workforce. Hospitality has faced an ongoing shortage of qualified employees in almost every area. That spells opportunity for new graduates. The hospitality industry is looking for innovative, eager graduates willing to learn on the job to pursue a better life.

  4. Experience is Great—But Not Necessary

    It’s been a very public problem; last year CNBC reported 45% of the class of 2020 struggled to find work more than a year later. One huge problem is that even “entry-level” jobs required a certain level of experience to even get an interview. However, the hospitality field provides the training necessary for truly entry-level employees. It’s a refreshing change of pace that allows you to break into a lucrative field. At the very least, it allows new graduates to determine if they like the hospitality field.

Whether you’re looking for a job in a resort or a country club, a sports stadium, food service, a tourist attraction or something else, the hospitality industry gives you options. At Gecko Hospitality, we specialize in finding those options and then matching top talent with great career opportunities. If you’re considering entering the hospitality field, make Gecko your first stop on your journey.

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