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Ladies First! Women Outshine Men within the Hospitality Industry: The Latest Gecko Hospitality 2023 Salary Survey Reveals the Gender Pay Gap

Gecko Hospitality, the leader in the hospitality recruitment, is proud to present its 7th Annual Hospitality Management Salary Survey Report for 2023. This data-rich report contains valuable insights from over 2,000 experienced professionals spread across USA and Canada. It is one of the most comprehensive surveys within the restaurant and hospitality industry!

The hospitality industry has been undergoing some major shifts, and our recent survey sheds light on the changes taking place. According to Robert Krzak, president of Gecko Hospitality, the average bonus of female managers surveyed in 2022 was $29,866. A significant increase from last year’s average bonus of $16,087! Krzak also shares how Gecko Hospitality’s Salary Survey contains data of females outpacing males in average raises received. The data collected signifies a steep rise in wage parity between men and women across management roles within the industry. An encouraging sign that progress is being made towards greater workplace equality.

Job seekers are also opting to pursue new openings due to better growth prospects or improved job satisfaction. Positive proof that working conditions within this sector have undergone significant improvements since the Covid-19 pandemic! “This is a huge shift in the hospitality industry and proves professionals are breaking those glass ceilings and prioritizing work-life balance” exclaims Krzak.

Get ahead of your competition with Gecko Hospitality’s Salary Survey Report! The valuable insights and data have helped countless clients gain an edge in hospitality as well as candidates make confident decisions throughout their career. Stay ahead of the game by calling (239) 690-7006 or visiting geckohospitality.com to connect with one of our professional recruiters today.

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