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Author: 50plymouth59

Team means together we achieve more

People Management Attributes for Restaurant Managers

A restaurant manager needs to balance the corporate accountability side of their job, with the social side. Above them are investors, business owners, and general managers. Most of these people have a university BS or equal training. They network with peo

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What Type of Restaurant Do You Want to Manage?

New restaurants open all the time. They vary from pizza chains to sushi, English caf├⌐’s to all-you-can-eat Buffets. But if you want to grow as a restaurant manager you need to look past the menu and find the type of restaurant where you belong.

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Top 5 Biggest Job Interview Mistakes

The internet is full of lists of interview mistakes. Most of them are extremely vague and don’t apply to hospitality jobs. This list is not unique, but we’ve added a twist to help people interviewing for a hospitality job.

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Tips To Grow Your Restaurant Manager Career

Restaurant management is a challenging and multi-faceted role that only the truly passionate can make a success of, and taking the next step in your career beyond that position can be daunting. For those who have climbed the ladder and are looking for th

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