How to Land Hospitality Management Jobs Over $75 000


The hospitality industry is one of the few in North America where you can earn in excess of $75 000 without needing a Masters or Doctorate in Management and Business Studies. While a formal education is a must for some jobs at the general manager level, and above, many successful managers have worked their way… Read more »

Hospitality Manager Job – Survive vs Well Paid


If you want to be a hospitality manager then you need to take off the rose-colored glasses and take a hard look at the job- not as a worker sees it, but as the owners and investors see it. Financial Planning There is a reason why a financial manager can earn a median of $117,000 and… Read more »

Management Job Interview: How Not to Answer Interview Questions


Many Management Candidates lose a job not by what they say, but how they present their information. There is more to communication than the words you speak. It is an overall package. Management Candidates should be able to express themselves using their facial expressions, body language, and listening skills, as well as their vernacular and… Read more »

Resume Mistakes That Cost You a Management Position


A restaurant manager should know how to organize and communicate. This should be reflected in their resume. Unfortunately, too many good managers lose the position because they make the #1 Resume writing mistake – They tell, not sho Resumes are often riddled with statements that ‘tell’. Here are some common examples. Good with people Good… Read more »

Key Duties of a Good Hotel Manager


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The reputation of a hotel often relies on the level of management they deliver. A hotel manager is responsible for the smooth running of the establishment and keeping customers happy so that they return. Hotel management is quite lucrative because typically requires no further higher education after the completion of high school. According to data… Read more »

March Your Way To A Pay Raise


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March Your Way To A Pay Raise   Know Your Value The first thing you should do is build your case as to why you deserve this pay raise. Prepare yourself to make a list of your accomplishments and specific contributions to the company. You can create a portfolio and showcase your work, or use… Read more »

How to March Into a New Career


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How to March Into a New Career The Job Posting In order to know if you’ll love your new career,  make sure the company that posted the job is legitimate. The first thing you should do is make sure the company or the job posting is not a scam. Search the company and if they… Read more »