How to Land Hospitality Management Jobs Over $75 000


The hospitality industry is one of the few in North America where you can earn in excess of $75 000 without needing a Masters or Doctorate in Management and Business Studies. While a formal education is a must for some jobs at the general manager level, and above, many successful managers have worked their way… Read more »

Hospitality Management Job Hunting Tip #1


If you are looking to transition into a management position within the hospitality industry then there are basic skills you need. The difference between losing a job at the interview level, landing a low paying job, and landing a high paying job is not education, experience, or a personality type. There are a few skills… Read more »

Hospitality Trends: Are You Ready?



If there’s one thing we all know it’s that change is constant. Keeping up with hospitality trends – particularly in an industry where consumers’ expectations of a flawless experience are high – can be in itself a full-time job. But keeping the eye on the big trends and shifting accordingly can yield a large impact on future success. According… Read more »

Key Duties of a Good Hotel Manager


Beach Hotel Gecko Hospitality

The reputation of a hotel often relies on the level of management they deliver. A hotel manager is responsible for the smooth running of the establishment and keeping customers happy so that they return. Hotel management is quite lucrative because typically requires no further higher education after the completion of high school. According to data… Read more »

What Can We Learn From the Recent Airline Incident?


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What Can We Learn From the Recent Airline Passenger Incident? A great deal. I am not pointing fingers at anyone, or any business. I was saddened to see the passenger treated the way he was. It has horrific. I am sure very few of us have been in such a situation, either as someone in… Read more »

March Your Way To A Pay Raise


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March Your Way To A Pay Raise   Know Your Value The first thing you should do is build your case as to why you deserve this pay raise. Prepare yourself to make a list of your accomplishments and specific contributions to the company. You can create a portfolio and showcase your work, or use… Read more »

How to March Into a New Career


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How to March Into a New Career The Job Posting In order to know if you’ll love your new career,  make sure the company that posted the job is legitimate. The first thing you should do is make sure the company or the job posting is not a scam. Search the company and if they… Read more »

Thumbs Up- Shout Out!


Tony Chan Tim Ho Wan Job gecko hospitality

We are so proud of our Recruiter Stacy Lutz for placing Tony Chan in his new career as a General Manager at Tim Ho Wan in New York! Our candidates are not just numbers to us! Our candidate’s testimonials speak volume as to how we care and place them in a forever career! This is… Read more »

Are You Ready To Love Your Job?


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Are You Ready To Love Your Job? 69 percent of job seekers would not take a job with a company that has a bad reputation–even if unemployed The average time spent at work is 40 hours a week, so why not find a career that you love? When you are happy and love your job,… Read more »

Linda Slegel – Junior Recruiter Of The Quarter Quarter 4 2016


Linda Slegel recruiter for Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont

Gecko Hospitality is proud to announce that Linda Slegel has been chosen and awarded the Junior Recruiter Of The Quarter Award for the 4th Quarter of 2016! “Linda has now had five months in a row with sales over $20,000 per month. She has achieved success by working nights and weekends to reach candidates when… Read more »