How Country Clubs Can Keep Employees Engaged and Satisfied


Employee satisfaction low, help keep your team engaged with these 11 tips

One of the toughest terms for business leaders to grasp the definition of is employee engagement. Employee engagement is a slippery phrase that eludes many in management because its definition is different for every business and in every industry.   To keep an employee engaged at a factory might require frequent breaks or per piece… Read more »

Country Club Retention Tips to Reduce the Cost of Turnover



We know that hourly positions, particularly in the hospitality industry, often have high turnover. With the demand for quality talent very high across every industry, retaining your top employees in your country club is very important. Here’s how to hang on to your best employees longer to benefit your club and its members. Keeping Top… Read more »

Country Club Successes During Covid-19


The Covid-19 pandemic changed the hospitality world, permanently. Restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, resorts, communities, senior living, casinos, and mall food courts: many will not survive, and no survivor will ever be the same. Two hospitality-industry sectors survived 2020 for two distinct reasons: QSR and other food facilities with drive-thru options prospered Private Clubs were challenged,… Read more »