What Skills Assessments Should Be Used in Hiring


Restaurant Server Carrying Drinks

There’s some controversy surrounding skills assessments—should you conduct them, or not? Skills assessments can gauge both hard or soft skills for a candidate, whether they’re measuring your personality or your math skills. Some companies swear by them and others say they take science just a step too far during the candidate interview process. How can… Read more »

How to Find Hospitality Employees During High Unemployment



In January 2021, midwestern newspaper The Columbus Dispatch printed a story called, “Ohio restaurants can’t find workers, even with so many people out of work.” The story was echoed across the country, as restaurants began having problems finding service employees. Ohio restaurants weren’t alone, either, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) says it’s a national problem,… Read more »

Recruiting Tips to Hire the Best Restaurant Managers



If you thought finding a restaurant worker was tough, try finding a restaurant manager. Restaurant managers have a mix of skillsets, from hiring and managing staff to handling customers and chefs, payroll, HR, scheduling, ordering, and so much more. Finding this kind of chameleon in the forest of candidates takes skill, effort, and a knack… Read more »

Soft Skill Interview Questions to Land the Right Talent



Soft skills matter. Hard skills are the technical skills that people learn as part of the job. They are the skills that, by and large, will get a person hired over other candidates. Employers understand the values of these skills, but they’re hard to screen for. Fortunately, we have the best soft skill interview questions… Read more »

What’s the Cost to Recruit and Retain Millennial Hospitality Talent?



If you’re looking for millennial talent, it’s going to cost you. One of the biggest trends in 2020, and likely in 2021, will be the high cost of attracting and retaining talent. The job itself and the skills needed aren’t even the issues anymore—it’s expensive to find, train, and retain top talent whether you’re in… Read more »

“I Make More On Unemployment”


…not so fast! As a recruiter in the hospitality industry for the past 16+ years I have placed talented managers, chefs, and executives with some of New England’s best restaurants, hotel, catering, entertainment, and grocery companies. As businesses begin to open back up again, I am hearing people say they don’t want to go back… Read more »

Can I Really Find Hospitality Candidates on Glassdoor?


Did you know Glassdoor has 64 million unique users every month? From the sheer size alone, it’s likely that you’ll run into hospitality candidates. It’s one of the easiest to use and well-known of all the job sites, offering jobs, job tips, reviews of employers, and much more. It’s a great resource for recruiters and… Read more »

4 Ways to Attract Passive Hospitality Talent


When the labor market is tight, attracting the passive candidate is a recruiting imperative. Passive candidates are the workers that aren’t actively looking for a job. That makes them very hard to find; after all, it’s not like they’re answering your hiring ad. Today, attracting the passive candidate takes skill and perseverance. Enticing the passive… Read more »

Can Instagram Improve Your Recruiting Process?


Far from being just a social media channel to post charming pictures of your children, Instagram is one of the most popular venues to reach new candidates for the jobs you’re trying to fill. This article will look at how this social channel can take your recruiting efforts to the next level by reaching more… Read more »

4 Low-Budget Ideas to Promote Your Restaurant


You don’t need high overhead to promote your restaurant with a high return. You just need a little creativity and some elbow grease, along with the Internet, to start filling tabletops during happy hour. Here are some of the best ideas for promoting your restaurant with a small marketing budget. You Don’t Need Money to… Read more »