Fast Track Your Onboarding Process: 3 Tips to Get Your New Management Up to Speed ASAP


Onboarding is the process of acquiring and assimilating employees into your organization. Having a structured onboarding system is essential to getting your new management up to speed ASAP. The first few days and weeks in an unfamiliar position are stressful for anyone, and it doesn’t take much to overwhelm or discourage a new manager. In… Read more »

Why Qualified Managers Are Not Hired


Qualified managers, especially in the hospitality industry, then you need to understand why you are not hired for jobs you want.  We asked professionals here, at, to created a list of the reasons a recruiter may turn down a qualified Candidate. Image is Everything When you walk into the interview does your image fit the… Read more »

Hospitality Manager: Chaos Theory vs Complexity Theory


Hospitality Managers need to understand how management theories impacts their resumes. Most people construct a resume by writing a list of what has happened in their lives. A hiring manager with a strong understanding of organizational behavior is drafting something more. The job interviewer is looking for an indication that this manager understands Chaos and… Read more »

5 Common Interview Mistakes for Hospitality Managers


The internet is full of lists of interview mistakes. Most are generic, which is you are a manager in the hospitality industry, you already know is the death knell. Never go into a job interview and be vague, or over explain, and expect to leave the board room with your job. Review Your (Relevant) Qualifications… Read more »

How Manager Candidates Ruin The Job Interview Before You Arrived


Management Candidates are often vying for high 5, and sometimes 6 figure jobs. The employer isn’t looking for a qualified Candidate. Really, they are not. What they are looking for is someone who can make them a good return on their investment. If the company invests $100 000 in your salary then how much can… Read more »

Hospitality Trends: Are You Ready?



If there’s one thing we all know it’s that change is constant. Keeping up with hospitality trends – particularly in an industry where consumers’ expectations of a flawless experience are high – can be in itself a full-time job. But keeping the eye on the big trends and shifting accordingly can yield a large impact on future success. According… Read more »

The New Best Career Path – Hospitality Industry?


Mid-Level Managers and University grads often pigeon-hole the hospitality industry as a place where you work while putting yourself through university, or to fill resume gaps. This leaves some of the best talent missing some good career advancement moves. Your career doesn’t need to stall. Robert Krzak, shares some insights that will prevent holes… Read more »

Linda Slegel – Junior Recruiter Of The Quarter Quarter 4 2016


Linda Slegel recruiter for Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont

Gecko Hospitality is proud to announce that Linda Slegel has been chosen and awarded the Junior Recruiter Of The Quarter Award for the 4th Quarter of 2016! “Linda has now had five months in a row with sales over $20,000 per month. She has achieved success by working nights and weekends to reach candidates when… Read more »

Kathy Radel – Senior Recruiter Of The Quarter and Top Performer Quarter 4 2016


Kathy Radel Gecko Hospitality Recruiter

Gecko Hospitality is proud to announce that Kathy Radel has been chosen and awarded the Senior Recruiter Of The Quarter Award and Top Performer for the 4th Quarter of 2016! “Once again Kathy exceeded expectations and officially passed the $300k mark in the territory of Indiana. She completed the year with over $340k in total… Read more »

Sometimes Money Does Buy Love


Couple on Valentine's Day kissing for a post called Sometimes Money Does Buy Love gecko hospitality

Sometimes Money Does Buy Love Show Me The Money Valentine’s Day is the 2nd busiest time for restaurants, the 1st is Mother’s Day. For Valentine’s Day, about 81% of reservations are made for two people, this means it can get a little crowded! Americans are expected to spend about $20 billion on everything that is… Read more »