Is Artificial Intelligence Changing Your Hotel’s Hiring Process?


Recruitment automation isn’t new in the hotel business. For decades, HR departments and recruiters have used artificial intelligence (AI) to track applications and speed up the hiring process. But recruitment remains one of the toughest, most time-consuming tasks businesses face. Recent advances in AI mean more help for recruiters and better hires, but also bring… Read more »

Key Duties of a Good Hotel Manager


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The reputation of a hotel often relies on the level of management they deliver. A hotel manager is responsible for the smooth running of the establishment and keeping customers happy so that they return. Hotel management is quite lucrative because typically requires no further higher education after the completion of high school. According to data… Read more »

Trends In The Hospitality Industry: Hotels


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100 Years Of Trends In The Hospitality Industry: Hotel Edition Hotels have gone through many trends over 100 years. In each decade, styles change and hotels try to stay on top creating the most up-to-date looks. Styles go in and out in the blink of an eye. Here is a look at the evolution of… Read more »