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Andrew Keenan

Executive Recruiter


Hospitality Division

North Carolina

With hospitality experience all over the Southeast, including over a decade in management, Andrew uses his natural leadership skills and diverse experience in hospitality to leverage candidates into positions where they will not only thrive, but help their team grow. His commitment to improvement earned him a degree in Business Management, Administration, & Operations, as well as continuing education in hospitality and tourism management and athletic operations. Andrew's ability to put teammates in positions to succeed developed early from time spent in leadership roles in collegiate team sports as player and coach. His team-first attitude helped facilitate successful openings of luxury properties, thriving bar programs in high-volume venues, and craft cocktail spirit programs in fine dining establishments. Evident from his beginning as a dishwasher in school through his progression through various executive roles, Andrew's belief in being the hardest working person in the room shines through for the team.