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Ashanthi Herath

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division

California - Northern

With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Ashanthi Herath is a highly skilled and passionate advocate for our industry. Throughout her career, she has held key management positions in renowned establishments, demonstrating her expertise in driving success and delivering exceptional dining experiences.

Ashanthi served as the Market Chef at Native Foods Café. Senior Kitchen Manager II at The Cheesecake Factory, managing a team of 100 kitchen employees in a high-volume flagship restaurant with $22 million in annual sales. Ashanthi also worked at California Pizza Kitchen, and Pei Wei Asian Diner. Ashanthi was also a franchise owner and operator with Pizza Guys.

Passionate about mentorship and fostering diversity and equity, Ashanthi brings valuable expertise and a commitment to excellence. She thrives on contributing to organizational success and creating a positive and lasting impact.

Contact Ashanthi today to collaborate and revolutionize the hospitality landscape together! Reach out, and embark on an exciting journey of success in your career.