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Brenda Berg, CPC

Brenda Berg

Executive Recruiter


Hospitality Division

South Carolina

Brenda grew up and worked in her family owned restaurant working all angles in food service. Brenda has almost 6 years of experience in the Human Resources industry with major Corporations including Caremark Healthcare and Baker & Taylor Video Distribution. Upon relocating to Nevada, Brenda spent over 9 1/2 years with the prestigious Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada where she was responsible for a staff of 85 employees for hiring, setting up new hire orientation programs, training, scheduling, working closely with union representatives, and developing major project renovation time lines. After Brenda’s twins were born, her family decided to leave Nevada and relocate to Arizona where she accepted a position with Arby’s as an Assistant Manager.

In June of 2010, she joined Gecko Hospitality supporting the Georgia market. Brenda left Gecko Hospitality in 2016 and spent 4 years in the staffing industry. Brenda’s passion for the Hospitality business has brought her back to Gecko as an Executive Recruiter