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Chad Irvin

Executive Recruiter

(714) 271-2093

Restaurant Division

California - LA County
California - Orange County

Chad Irvin has been involved in the customer service and restaurant industries for over 15 years beginning at Disneyland before moving to the fast-paced environment of bartending. While honing his skills behind the bar, Chad studied wine at the Peter Neptune School of Wine.

Chad took the opportunity to enter restaurant management after he graduated from the Santa Ana Fire Academy and UCI with a BS in Psychology. His knowledge of food and wine guided him to multiple concepts throughout Southern California where he helped several restaurants open, building teams and cocktail and wine menus. With a drive and passion for helping others, recruiting seemed a natural fit and now begins a new chapter.

Chad currently resides in southern California and keeps busy outside of talent management with his family, body building, and writing content for multiple streaming and social media platforms.