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Eli Esparza

Executive Recruiter


Restaurant Division

California – San Diego County

My career spans over 13 years in which I have held various titles and leadership positions throughout the
sales and hospitality industry, including fine dining restaurants. My extensive operational experience,
persistence, and highly effective communication skills allow me to collaborate with my clients, gain a
strong understanding of their core values, company culture, and specific needs along with identifying the
ideal candidate to suit the needs for their company. In my spare time, I thoroughly enjoy reading, traveling
and experiencing new and unique cuisine. I am a huge lover of sports, especially baseball and have a
blossoming interest in yoga/mindfulness meditation, something I have found to be not only relaxing, but
beneficial to job focus, motivation, and overall health and well being. I pride myself on being approachable
and friendly whilst always maintaining professionalism and continuing to expand my professional
knowledge to enhance my problem solving skills.